Laser-Trued Steel Tip Straight Edges

List Price: 
$55.00 - $145.00

Straight Edge Prices

The strong, precise and portable laser-trued straight edge, in silver anodized aluminum, is perfect for marking, drawing, scoring or cutting. It can be used with all types of hand-held tools where accuracy and safety is required. Each model is accurate within 1mm and comes fitted with two full-length grip strips to steady the straight edge and protect sensitive surfaces.

Straight edges are safe to use with the integral finger guard and a full-length stainless steel bead to resist wear to the edge and tools.

Outstanding Features of the Straight Edges:

Lightweight anodized aluminum frame

Embedded steel edge for lasting accuracy

Available in Metric and Imperial scales

Two full length silicone grip cords protect & clamp your material


Accuracy to within 1mm


KX12 Yellow "T" Silicone Cord, Pack of 32' (10m) $25.00 

Laser-Trued Steel Tip Straight Edges

Laser-Trued Steel Tip Straight Edges: Metric (cm) Scales
60009 45cm Straight Edge $65.00
60010 60cm Straight Edge $80.00
60011 75cm Straight Edge $90.00
60012 90cm Straight Edge $100.00
60013 105cm Straight Edge $115.00
60014 120cm Straight Edge $125.00
60015 135cm Straight Edge $130.00
60016 150cm Straight Edge $140.00
60017 180cm Straight Edge $150.00
Laser-Trued Steel Tip Straight Edges: Imperial (in) Scales
60008 18" Straight Edge $65.00
60000 24" Straight Edge $80.00
60001 30" Straight Edge $90.00
60002 36" Straight Edge $100.00
60003 42" Straight Edge $115.00
60004 48" Straight Edge $125.00
60005 54" Straight Edge $130.00
60006 60" Straight Edge $140.00
60007 72" Straight Edge $150.00